You Are Not My Mother Trailer Reveals Creepy Irish Horror Film

The weird horror film premiered at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival.

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The official trailer for Magnet Releasing’s mysterious chiller, you are not my mother, fell. The Irish horror film hits theaters and on demand on March 25 and tells the story of a teenage girl named Char whose missing mother comes home, but not exactly as herself. you are not my mother serves as the first feature film for the writer and director Kate Dolanwho has made several memorable short films including the one in 2017 cat cries. The Next Horror Drama Stars Hazelnut Doupe (Float like a butterfly), Caroline Bracken (Dublin murders), Ingrid Craigie (Citadel), and Paul Reid (The ritual).

The disturbing trailer begins with Char waking up from a nightmare filled with ritual imagery. The viewer soon learns that Char’s mother disappeared without a trace after taking her to school one morning. Then one night, Char’s mother returns, but in her own words, something is wrong. Char’s mother refuses to tell anyone where she’s been, and her behavior grows increasingly alarming, such as sneaking into Char’s room while she’s sleeping and creepily asking her if she’s awake. . As the trailer progresses, a woman tells Char in a voiceover that her mother isn’t really her mother as footage of Char’s mother shedding skin in the shower and performing a weird dancing flash on the screen.


you are not my mother had its world premiere at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival during the Midnight Madness stream. The film ended up being named the first runner-up for the People’s Choice Award for the Midnight Madness section. The film was also screened at the Gothenburg Film Festival in Sweden. you are not my mother has already received critical acclaim, earning a new score of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. The collider’s own Matt Goldberg gave the film a positive review from TIFF 2021.

Image via Magnolia Pictures

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Fortunately, if the limited theatrical release of the film does not reach certain audiences, they will be able to order the film on demand. Check out the official trailer, poster and synopsis for you are not my mother below:

You are not my mother Poster

“It’s the week before Halloween. Char’s bedridden mother, Angela, has mysteriously disappeared. All that remains is his abandoned car parked in the middle of a field. When Angela returns home to their North Dublin estate the following evening without an explanation, it becomes clear to Char and her grandmother, Rita, that something is wrong. She may look and sound the same, but Angela’s behavior has become increasingly erratic and creepy, as if she’s been replaced by a malevolent force. As Halloween approaches, a night steeped in ancient Irish myths and legends, Char must uncover his family’s dark secrets in order to uncover the truth behind his mother’s disappearance and save her, even if it potentially means death. lose forever.

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