Work continues on the future service station in Fischer and on Route 37

Last week I was driving westbound on Route 37 in the Fischer Blvd area when I noticed the old Shell gas station at the corner of 37 and Fischer was seeing more ongoing work and crews were doing this and that on the site.

This obviously leaves us wondering if we’re getting closer to the new gas station opening here in Ocean County?


This particular place, owned by a local businessman, has been undergoing renovations for some time…..looks like work is kicking into high gear and we wanted to share an update with you.

We received a lot of feedback from you at home and appreciated your information. Several people told us that they know the owner of this place and that he does all the renovations himself, so obviously it’s a lot of money and work and not to mention that we are in the middle of the pandemic of coronavirus for more than a year, which has slowed many construction projects across the state and country.

Shawn Michael

Shawn Michael

You also told us that it would eventually become a multi-service station…. Including gasoline, oil and lubricant and possibly other automotive services. We hope the family that owns the spot will be done and open soon and we wanted to show you what a flurry of work it is there and how things are moving forward.

The station appears to be close to completion, although we cannot say for certain how close it is to a possible opening, but people are continuing to work and slowly but surely it is being done.

Good luck to this local business here in Toms River.

Shawn Michael

Shawn Michael

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