Watch Red Band’s Trailer for Foo Fighters Horror Movie

Watch the Gory, Red Band Trailer for “Studio 666,” the Foo Fighters’ New Horror/Comedy in Theaters 2/25

Next Friday, February 25, a horror/comedy movie like you’ve never seen before will hit theaters. Workshop 666 features the Foo Fighters – yes, Dave Grohl and co – playing themselves in a bloody scarefest that’s both fun and scary, while paying homage to horror classics of the past.

The film has now received a red (read: violent and bloody) trailer for adult audiences, and lest you think this is a dumb movie starring the charismatic Foo Fighters… well , it is, but it is also very violent in a kind of horror movie.

Minor spoilers are evident in this trailer, so continue at your own risk:

Grohl, by the way, spoke to Rock Cellar in an exclusive interview on Workshop 666 during his recent media blitz for the film. Here is a quote from Grohl about the film’s genesis:

“Yeah. None of us originally imagined we were going to do a feature film. We thought, Foo Fighters-style, it would just be a low-budget thing, maybe a long-form video that would make people laugh, you know. But we made the mistake of hiring the most talented people in town to make the movie. BJ is a legit badass, he’s worked on some really, really amazing movies.

“And Tony Gardner did the special effects. I mean, this guy is a fucking Hollywood legend. And then the whole crew.

“The crazy thing is, you know, most of these people used to work on real movies, legitimate fucking blockbuster movies, but they got called and said, ‘Hey, do you want to do a horror movie with the Foo Fighters?” And they all knew, “Okay, this is going to be fun.” So we were all there, really, just having fun. .

“I think we were surrounded by a group of like-minded people who were there just to have a good time.”

Enjoy the full interview below, and grab Workshop 666 in theaters next week.