Veteran Hollywood Filmmakers Launch $FLIX Token to Transform the Indie Film Industry



Ben Rosenblatt and Micho Rutare are excited to launch $FLIX, a new crypto token to reinvent the way independent films are funded, produced and distributed.

Through their company American Meme, the veteran Hollywood filmmakers plan to leverage $FLIX to raise capital for a slate of indie films popular among film and crypto enthusiasts. The token seeks to change the process of making independent films through blockchain and Web3 technologies.

Rosenblatt and Rutare envision a strong growing community of film and crypto enthusiasts who will have a common space to invest financially and creatively in independent cinema. A fee for each $FLIX transaction would go directly to a “movie wallet”. 75% of these funds have been committed for production, while the remaining 25% will be used for advertising and marketing. The team plans to use profits from film sales, licensing and distribution to buy back $FLIX and help increase its value.

Ben Rosenblatt, co-founder and producer of the Snowpiercer, Star Wars and Star Trek movies and series, explained:

“Hollywood is changing again and the most powerful voices may come from out of town. The film and crypto communities are incredibly engaged and powerful. We want their help to create the next blockbuster movie. We want to foster the next big wave of popular and original independent cinema.



He added, “We’re tired of corporate gatekeepers determining what movies get made. It’s time for a change, and we believe these new cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are the keys to empowering the people through decentralized filmmaking funding.

Currently, the $FLIX token is live and available on Uniswap. The vision of the token is to increase awareness and produce movies powered by $FLIX revenue. The founders’ long-term vision for the token is to make it the primary medium of exchange for filmed entertainment transactions in the metaverse and traditional theatrical commerce. The two believe this approach will be fundamental to creating a strong ancillary revenue stream for the industry and will help free filmmakers from corporate systems.