The horror film that premiered in the US and promises to become a global hit

Three years after the premiere of the first film by Halloween with which David Gordon Green almost completely restarted the saga of Jean Charpentier, comes a second part of what will be a new trilogy. Almost as if he had completely rejected all of the films that followed the original production of Carpenter created in 1978, history rediscovered Laurie Strode and in this week’s feature film, the seed has been planted for a possible change of command.

Jamie lee curtis, the actress who for forty years has been at the helm of the franchise of Halloween already hinted that everything will end for her with Halloween ends, which will be released in theaters in 2022. This week the second part of the films directed by Green, Halloween kills, which, despite somewhat patchy reviews, managed to win public support.

Granddaughter and daughter of Laurie will have more weight in this production than according to the count of Rotten tomatoes It has a very low approval of 39% of the critics. Yet with over 2,500 reviews, the site’s audience gave it a pass thanks to the 70% rating. In the United States and in certain markets around the world, the feature film was released last Thursday and the film has already grossed nearly $ 300 million at the box office, a figure more than acceptable in the current context.

The legacy of Michael Myers according to Lee Curtis

Few sagas are proud to have a villain so recognized around the world by moviegoers. In case of Michael myers is indisputable, as one of the emblems of terror since its appearance in 1978. Indeed, in Baby Driver he made a joke with his mask and the actor’s name Mike Myers (Austin Powers), with the inimitable touch of Edgar wright.

In an interview with To exchange, Jamie lee curtis spoke about the legacy of Michael myers who, at their discretion, “Represents an enigma”. Depending on your job, the choice of Jean Charpentier and Debra hill (screenwriter of the original film), have each viewer find a “Personal perspective on the devil”. In this sense, he said: “Not being able to see his expression invites us to invent his face. All the directors involved in the franchise wanted to reinvent the mask in each chapter of the saga. This is something the studios have spent huge sums of money on because they know it dehumanizes the character of Myers.

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