THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT: Lionsgate Could Reboot 1999 Horror Film Found Footage

1999 Box Office Hit Film, The Blair Witch Project Could Be Rebooted

According to some information, one of the projects Lions Gate plans to do a reboot of the 1999 horror sensation, The Blair Witch Project.

It was one of the most exciting and scariest films ever made. 1999 The Blair Witch Project made big bucks at the box office the summer it was released. I remember The voice of the village announcing the film in such a way that readers thought it might be one of the most terrifying cinematic experiences of all time. Now, after that film made a fortune and its failed sequel and spin-off flopped, Lionsgate is planning to bring the franchise back to life.


Here’s the thing. Although he made $140 million domestically in a summer that included The sixth sensefew people liked The Blair Witch Project. It earned a mere “C+” CinemaScore from audiences and I remember a few disappointed patrons walking out of the NYC Angelika Cinema opening weekend. However, it sold out those weekend shows at the Angelika and was a mega hit at the box office, regardless of customer satisfaction.

Whether or not audiences embrace the reboot isn’t the only scary thing to consider when conversations arise to bring this series back to life. Let’s talk box office. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 was rushed into production and released a year later with a chilling total take of $26 million and, to make matters worse, a 2016 reboot called Blair Witch bombarded with a bullet fetching just $20 million domestically.

It gets even more gruesome when you consider the CinemaScores for Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 and Blair Witch. A “D-” and a “D+”. It wouldn’t seem like going ahead with a reboot was worth it. Unless one takes into consideration Heather Donahue’s incredible performance in the original 1999 image about three film students making a documentary in the woods. Donahue “won” Worst Actress at the 2000 Razzies Awards, but I think they were just jealous of her quality because if her performance hadn’t worked, people wouldn’t have stayed in the whole picture. I might even go so far as to suggest bringing her character back to the reboot (it would have to be another actress since Donahue retired) for the image to bring fans of the old 1999 film back to the cinema! It was the draw for teenagers and college-age moviegoers in the summer of 1999 and those folks might want to come back for more if it has a good hook!

Whatever Lionsgate decides to do with the reboot of The Blair Witch Project, it probably wouldn’t make sense to remove the image from its proposed slate. There are so many good ideas. Heather Donahue’s character may have died at the end of the original, but her unique character could appear in the reboot or something that would interest viewers of the first film. Fans of the 1999 film can’t wait to see what Lionsgate will do with this very tricky “project”!

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