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‘Saints Row’ – Trailer Features Character, Weapon, Vehicle, And More

Since its long delay in November 2021, Saints Row has returned to its purple-soaked headquarters. Deep Silver Volition broke the silence with an in-depth customization talk, showcasing the many bizarre ways players can alter their protagonist’s appearance, weapons, vehicles, and headquarters.

‘Saints Row: release date

Ahead of the game’s release on August 23 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, it looks like users will be able to create their own character using these tools.

‘Saints Row: different character

The player character, the Boss, has a variety of options that can be combined to create a distinctive silhouette. There are eight settings and eight different voices to choose from, and there are eight presets and eight different voices to choose from, but this reboot offers a whole lot more. Players can asymmetrically alter their faces for odd looks or proportions, unlock a variety of skin colors that make them look like a star map or a kaleidoscope, dye their eyebrows, wear prosthetic limbs, have tan lines distinct, and more. There are even nudity options, like blurring nudity or wearing pasties. Because there are no gender restrictions in character creation, players can build virtually anything they want without any restrictions.

However, it looks like players will be able to use these tools to create their own character before the game is released on August 23 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Brian Traficante, the franchise’s creative director, explained how users can build their own Boss ahead of the game’s release. More information was not provided, but those interested in learning more were directed to the It will most likely be similar to Saints Row IV: Inauguration Station, a standalone program that allowed users to create their own avatars, which could then be imported into the full game, which was due out a week later.

Saints Row: vehicle

Vehicles will also be highly customizable. There are over 80 vehicles in the game, including helicopters, boats, VTOLs, hoverboards, dirt bikes, and more. Each vehicle has its own set of upgrades, including durability, speed, and performance, as well as more comprehensive upgrades. Players can customize their vehicles by selecting multiple types of spoilers, hood ornaments, fenders, hoods, roofs, side panels, paint type, paint color, wheel covers, ride height, etc. axle, etc., as well as horn, engine and transmission noises. Each car has a unique ability in addition to nitrous, an off-road kit, and a tow rope. Volition has demonstrated a handful of them, including the ejection seat, which is designed for people who like to fly crab-steered wingsuits, making it easier to change lanes and make tight turns.

‘Saints Row: weapon and color

Saints Row (2022): New trailer zeigt echtes Gameplay

Weapon customization is equally vast and complex. Users can change the color or decal on particular sections of each weapon, which means the barrel can appear different from the magazine. Many of them also seem to have different skins. Players can, for example, customize their rocket launchers to look like those in Desperado’s El Mariachi or turn their pistols into foam finger guns.

Saints Row trailer highlights silly character and vehicle customization

One of the last items that can be changed is the Saints Headquarters. Collectible sculptures can be placed throughout the base, and the NPC crew can be dressed in various outfits. They can also modify the vehicles they use at base.

‘Saints Row: Trailer