Stephen King recommends new horror movie ahead of theatrical release

Despite turning 74 last month, Stephen King continues to keep up with the many new movie releases. He helped launch director Sam Raimi’s career with a simple recommendation from Diabolical death in 1982 and he continues to support young horror creators when he enjoys their work. Although Edgar Wright has already delved into the horror genre with Shaun of the Dead, he is set to release his first serious horror film. Last night in Soho.

Wright is a renowned director and certainly doesn’t need King’s word of mouth to help sell his film, but that hasn’t stopped the horror legend from voicing his opinion on the new film. Needless to say, he was a huge fan and plans to see him again soon.

As noted, Wright is one of the greatest directors working today, but he still had time to respond to King. He was blown away by the writer’s reaction.

Currently, Last night in Soho sits at 72% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is actually the worst score a Wright-directed narrative film has ever received. There is still time for the score to go up, but it could be his lowest rated film yet. Wright became known for his exaggerated sense of humor and stylized visuals. Last night in Soho seems like a major change of pace as it sounds very serious. The film is due out this Friday.

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