Stark Insider Film Reviews: 2021 Recap in Independent Film


As the end of the year approaches, many “best of” lists are circulating. While we don’t usually do that here on Stark Insider, we do like to review the year and take in some of the highlights. Plus, we want to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

In this case, we are talking about cinema. More precisely: the independent film.

Since your focus is on theater, the arts, and the indie performing, most of our content focuses on lesser-known productions. Lower budgets. But just as creative as the big Hollywood blockbusters.

There is a strange sense of accomplishment in making an independent film. Everything is against you; there’s no time, let alone money – you bring a bottle of glue, save twenty dollars, and hope you all make it through the day. If you manage to finish it and it turns out to be pretty good, it’s thrilling.

– Eric Stolz

2021 has been another good year. Unsurprisingly, the filmmakers continue to be very creative. And despite budget pressures (still tough) and an ongoing pandemic (still tough!), They are finding ways to bring difficult projects to fruition.

So, here is India. And with that, here’s the year of the standalone Stark Insider 2021 film in review. A big thank you to Jeanne Powell for his contributions and for helping the independent film reach more viewers.

Stark Insider Independent Film 2021

‘Sylvie’s Love’ makes a compelling case for romantic love to come back to the forefront of movies

Sylvie’s love debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, to well-deserved applause. With exquisite costumes, a timeless soundtrack, and wonderfully subtle performances by Tessa Thompson and Nnambdi Asomugha, director and screenwriter Eugene Ashe makes a compelling case for romantic love to return to the forefront of the movies.

“Bliss” an intriguing, albeit flawed, exploration of simulation theory

Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson have a real chemistry, as they weave their way between her rather bleak universe and the glamorous one she projects, suggesting parallel realities that sometimes overlap. How it would work, nobody really knows, but things could get chaotic, you can imagine.

In ‘Nomadland’ Frances McDormand hits the road

There is pain and loss, yes, as Lillian Rubin’s “Worlds of Pain” and Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Nickel and Dimed” show so well, but director Zhao chose to focus on strength. and the quiet determination of these people. The nomadic way of life works when there is community.

Living on Borrowed Time in ‘Concrete Cowboy’ – Netflix review

Authentic, lively performances here from cowboys and cowgirls, as well as the struggling teenager who must make a choice: hang out with street kids destined for trouble with the law or train to understand. the world of horses within this remarkable community.

“Dreamland”, a beautifully produced moving documentary on the Tulsa race massacre

Researching what happened to Greenwood is essential in helping to heal the wounds.

Talented cast brings “In The Heights” to screen flawlessly

The Heights is a Spanish speaking community with elders who immigrated from Cuba, Puerto Rico and especially the Dominican Republic (DR). Olga Merediz gives a moving performance as grandmother, Abuela Claudia, “in the service of the community” by strengthening the sense of family and providing spiritual grounding. His musical celebration of his Cuban heritage during a major power outage is eloquent and beautifully rendered.

Film review - The Mauritanian a quietly powerful biography

‘The Mauritanian’ a discreetly powerful biography

Directed by Kevin Macdonald, this film is a study of the character, who is or becomes a person in the face of an impossible situation.

‘Minari’, an elegiac but invigorating story

As grandmother, father, mother and children roam the 50 acres between sunrise and sunset, each on their mission that day, as hopes and prayers are formed, the viewer s ‘identifies with this elegiac but invigorating story.

“Respect”: Aretha Franklin’s cinematic story comes to life. And, yes, Jennifer Hudson is so good

Oh yes, the music is powerful and perfect because Jennifer Hudson did her homework and dug deep to represent Aretha in distinct phases of her life, as she slowly and painfully freed herself from male domination – the man who had raped her when she was a child, then the influence of her overbearing father, then the mistreatment inflicted by her violent first husband.

“My Name Is Pauli Murray”, a fascinating and uplifting documentary about a pioneering activist and intellectual

It has been said that “we live in the architecture of the world that Pauli Murray built. You can’t teach American history without talking about it.

‘The Last Duel’ features Matt Damon, Ben Affleck in great shape

Because the dispute between the vassals is over their honor, and not over whether Marguerite was injured, this duel must be to the death. In the merriment that precedes the duel, as nobility and royalty fill the stands with a festive air, no one seems to fully understand what this means.

Network shows have that very commercial voice that you have to buy into, and cable shows are kind of like winning the lottery. The world of independent cinema is a world that you can actually access. You can get the movie for less than a million dollars by finding good distribution and financing.

-Jill Soloway

‘Passing’, a breathtaking debut film by Rebecca Hall

Hall asked, are either of the women free? You risk your life by pretending to be white. The other is “sure” but in the grip of doubt and uncertainty. In a revealing moment, Irene abruptly turns on her white friend, a locked up man, and says, “We’re all passing off for something or the other.”

“King Richard”, an impossible story of family love and determination

Actor Will Smith (Aladdin, Men in black, Independence Day, Ali, Winter tale) has a lock on an Oscar nomination with her performance in king richard like Richard Williams, the much-maligned father of tennis champions Serena and Venus Williams.

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