Scream Launches Marketing With Woodsboro Horror Film Club



There has been a healthy wait time for Scream fans regarding the franchise’s upcoming fifth film, but the first promotional campaign has officially started!

When it comes to the Scream films, a traditional level of secrecy must be maintained. In fact, the heart of the franchise has always been the alluring murder mystery plot – trying to determine the face behind the Ghostface masks in each chapter. For this reason, the film’s cast and creative team have kept quite a low profile on the upcoming Scream Payment; However, the original film’s next anniversary will see the film return to theaters with something special for horror fans.

As we look forward to this October 10 reissue with the hope of learning more about the relaunch Scream, it looks like the team is gearing up to tease more horror pretty early on via Facebook. Shared across Paramount Scream Social media accounts, the film received an official Facebook page titled Woodsboro Horror Film Club with the first and only current post telling its members, “Welcome to the Woodsboro Horror Film Club! ready to scream until you have a sore throat! “

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures – Scream (2022)

Like most Scream aficionados know, the former club president and vice president was unable to continue his business due to being a dead killer and victim, making this reinvention a welcome and curious addition. With reference to the events of Scream 4, the page is also listed as “For all horror movie lovers. A sanctioned extracurricular activity, one rung below the Glee Club – and we know a thing or two about horror movies.”

Considering the film is only months away from its January release, it’s a step in the right direction to establish what Woodsboro looks like over a decade since the last murders.

Scream will arrive in theaters from January 14, 2022.

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