‘No’ Opening Weekend Gives Sci-Fi Horror Film A Strong Start

Jordan Peele continues to prove himself as a filmmaker who comes up with original ideas that score big at the box office. The opening weekend of Nope took in $44 million at the domestic box office before heading to the rest of the world on August 12. Although slightly lower than its forecast of a $45-60 million opening, $1 million shows the film is well on its way to a successful theatrical run.

The sci-fi horror flick is the writer-director’s most ambitious film, both in terms of idea and budget, costing $68 million. Compare, get out cost $4.5 million, and the budget of We or $20 million. His horror debut with get out opened with $33.4 million, and We earned $71.1 million.

No, opening weekend shows sign of off to a good start for Jordan Peele’s latest

So far, the highest-grossing horror film of the year was Scream. Comparing its opening weekend to Nopethe meta slasher has stacked enough bodies to $30 million and ended at $140 million worldwide. As for the other major horror releases this year, X opened with $4 million, leading to his final amount reaching $14 million. The adaptation of the new The black phone telephoned $23 million in its first weekend and grossed $130 million worldwide.

Jordan Peele’s take on a UFO movie followed a brother, OJ (Daniel Kaluuya), and sister Emerald (Keke Palmer), who come to terms with the sudden death of their father. As OJ tends to the ranch as he tries to sneak out to keep it alive, he and his sister realize something is lurking in the clouds. They are trying to get the first clear pictures of a UFO. Steven Yeun, Brandon Perea (the OA), and Michael Wincott (24: Live Another Day) also star.

Peele produces, writes and directs. Ian Cooper and David Torres are also producing. Robert Graf, Daniel F. Larson and Win Rosenfeld serve as executive producers.

In view of his past work and the competition launched this year, the Nope opening weekend shows he can catch this year’s scary champ, Scream. The film is in domestic theaters and will arrive in international territories on August 12.