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that of James Wan Smart was one of the most refreshing horror films of the year. I really enjoyed it and recommend all horror fanatics to watch! With Wan’s Smart Being morbidly unique in the horror genre, it keeps the horror franchise alive.

This year, and in the years to come, we have more and more remakes and reboots to look forward to of classic franchises; such as Child’s play, Hellraiser, Halloween (ongoing trilogy), Candy (in theaters and available for rent on AMC) and much more.

We’ve had countless remakes and reboots, so if you want a break, here’s why you should watch Smart.

The villain is unbelievable, the music is epic, and it’s directed by James Wan!

Spoilers ahead!

The movie keeps audiences oblivious to the fact that the villain has been right in front of you from the start. Emily May, or as she knows her name, Madison [played by Annabelle Wallis] is both protagonist and antagonist, but not exactly. The antagonist is his twin [Gabriel] who was born attached to her, as we will find out later.

You could say it was basically a tumor. The title of the film suddenly makes sense, as Gabriel is basically a malignant tumor. It’s such a smart juxtaposition to tie it all together. Gabriel is two things: medically, a malignant tumor, while also being a malicious and hostile being. Hence the intelligence of Smart.

In the end, it all starts to fall apart right after Madison’s abusive husband slams her against the wall and slices open the back of her head. It opens the door, metaphorically and literally, to how Madison / Gabriel unravels. In flashbacks, we learn that when the procedure was done to ‘pull off’ Gabriel, removing him completely could have been essential for Madison, so they just cut pieces of her and sewn the rest of him to it. back of his head.

With Gabriel awake and free, he is able to take control of Madison’s body in a crazy way; we see Gabriel as a person whose hair we assumed covered his face, but the cloak he was wearing was turned to the back. Since he’s on the back of his head, it’s Madison who seems to be walking backwards. The fight scene at the police station shows him in action, so it makes sense when you get to that scene.

This unique portrayal of this antagonist is something new and unexpected! Due to the morbid and odd idea of ​​this story, many people have compared Wan’s idea to Dario Argento movie theater. Argento is an Italian director, producer, screenwriter and critic known for his creative and strange side. [horror] movie theater. He is also one of the directors to launch the horror subgenre “Giallo”.

Speaking of which, Wan has a great eye and mind when it comes to writing and directing movies, which is why Smart is amazing work. If you’ve seen his other films, you’ll understand why! Wan’s first film was Seen, and from there he made other popular horror films including Dead silence, Insidious, Conspiracy, and Annabelle.

Just like Smart, several of Wan’s films have excellent soundtracks. Joseph Bishara is the composer of the music for this film as well as some of Wan’s other films. The music, for this movie, has that kind of funky. Something that reminded me, in particular, of the Blade II score, but more horrific and epic. If you like to collect vinyl, this sheet music is available for pre-order at Wax records!

Overall I think Smart is an amazing film where we just got to see more of the creative spirit and talent of James Wan as a director and storyteller. His films also feature the best music of the greatest composers, such as Joseph Bishara. Can’t wait to see more of Wan’s horror movies in the future!

Check out the trailer below and get your tickets to see Smart here or look on HBO Max by subscription!

Having said that, I hope my insight has enlightened you and I would love to talk about horror stuff and more! If you want to see more of my content or want to contact me, you can find me on Instagram Where Twitter. You can also email me at [email protected] if you prefer.


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