Malayankunju: Fahadh Faasil’s new drama film is available on Amazon Prime Video

Fahadh Faasil comes with a new movie ‘Malayankunju’ which is shooting in cinemas in Kerala, now it has been streamed on OTT platform. The film will be released on Amazon Prime Video. The actor said it on his 39e birthday. In an important chat with HT, the actor opened up about what really drives him into survival thrillers for the theater’s alternative OTT.

Malayankunju was already streaming on Amazon Prime Video, after Fahadh saw the first cut he released it for a limited theatrical release. Calling the decision “very artistic” and not being an advertisement, he speaks, “If I had the option, I would release the first half on OTT and the second half in theaters. That’s how I saw it.

I think the details of the film are very important. At least some theatrical experience would be invaluable to the film, which is a musical and survival thriller. And also, Kerla was going through a phase where people weren’t very excited about movies that didn’t have too much drama. So it was also about testing the waters to see where we are.

The story of the movie is based on Anikuttan aka Fahadh who is a bitter and lonely man trapped underground after the landslide hit the village. The new tale unfolds how he must obtain salvation in the cries of a child, the very sound he hated before talking about the difficulties of filming the film.

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According to Fahadh, “The set was designed in such a way that an actor would feel a bit claustrophobic while performing. It was not an accessible set. water, which rearranges everything. We had to pick it up from there. I’ve never seen an entire team go through such a difficult process to make a movie. The DOP going through a lot of physical stress and the director suffering from mental stress. We had a doctor on set. It was an experiment. I’ve never done anything like this before and I don’t know if I would do something like this again.

Malayankunju: Cast

The film stars Fahadh Fassil, Rajisha Vijayan, Deepak Parambol, Jadder Lukki, Johny Antony, Ninja, Indrans, Alex Alister, Arjun Ashokan and Irshad Ali.

Malayankunju: release date

The film is already streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Here is the announcement trailer:

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