Kit Clarke to star young Rupert Everett in new drama

Words: Jamie Tabberer; photo: Attitude / Instagram / @ imkitclarke

Rupert Everett teased his next directorial effort – a semi-autobiographical film about his youth titled Lost and found objects in Paris.

The drama, which also stars Kristin Scott Thomas and John Malkovich, follows Rupert’s first film as a director: the 2018 Oscar Wilde biopic. The Happy Prince.

Talk about Lost and found in Paris At the American Film Market this week, the veteran actor also praised his lead actor Kit Clarke, who will play him.

“He looks strangely like some sort of androgynous Lady Di”

“He’s got the kind of beauty that’s slightly neurotic and hysterical, and you feel like he could stand up anytime you want, which I think is awesome,” Everett said of the young star, who has appeared in before. a drama for teenagers. Still get.

“He looks suspiciously like some sort of androgynous Lady Di, in that he looks at you through his eyelashes.

“I was looking for someone who, in a very old-fashioned sense, was a lead role in a movie. He has a relationship with the camera, which is slightly beyond acting. One of the exciting things about him and him in this movie is that I feel like I could create an amazing movie character.

Lost and found objects in Paris follows a teenage Rupert as he hits the French capital – as the The wedding of my best friend star did in real life at 16.

Speaking of his character falling in love with a sex worker called Danny, Rupert said, “Sex is a pretty important characteristic. [of the movie], but I’m not a big fan of full-fledged sex in movies, “he added. [as per Variety].

“The first big love scene between Rupert and Danny is really only seen through a rearview mirror of Delphine’s truck: strange scraps of entwined bodies, awkward hugs. Sex is inferred rather than seen.

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