Jordan Peele Says He’s Not the Best Horror Director Ever

Jordan Peele is known for serving up his horror with a side of equally engrossing and puzzling social commentary — and his third feature-length directing effort, “No,” is no exception.

Having built up a passionate fanbase since his Oscar-winning directorial debut “Get Out” — and while managing to keep the plots of his high-profile works largely under wraps — audiences are expected to flock to “Nope” in theaters. this week-end; current tracking suggests the movie will have an opening between those two movies at around $47-50 million.

Early fan reactions and reviews indicate that “Nope” is as bold, large-scale, and potentially divisive as the author’s other works, “Get Out” and “Us.” Many praise Peele for maintaining the momentum promised by his first two features.

“I know this is a hot take, but when do we declare Jordan Peele the greatest horror director of all time?” Adam Ellis, a comic book creator and (clearly) a Peele fan, wrote on Twitter Wednesday. “Can you think of any other horror director who’s had 3 great movies, let alone 3 in a row? I can’t.”

Peele, though flattered, was quick to jump in and quote who is Actually the greatest horror filmmaker of all time.

“Sir, please hang up the phone, please,” Peele tweeted in response. “Sorry. I like your enthusiasm, but I won’t tolerate any slander from John Carpenter!

Peele, for what it’s worth, has always spoken about the influence Carpenter and his movies like “The Thing” and “Halloween” had on his creative sensibilities.

Being what it is, other Twitter users were quick to join the conversation to suggest their own directors who might fit the title: Alfred Hitchcock, David Cronenberg, Wes Craven, David Lynch – and the list goes on.

“No” opens in theaters July 22.

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