Jessica McKay, WWE’s Billie Kay, lands role in indie film The Charisma Killers

With her WWE days behind her, professional wrestler Jessica McKay has switched gears with a new foray into acting. While she parted ways with the company last year, McKay is best known to wrestling fans for performing for WWE as Billie Kay, one half of the tag team known as The IIconics alongside Peyton Royce (Cassie Lee). The two dated in 2021 after six years with WWE, and most recently announced their retirement from professional wrestling after a stint with Impact Wrestling.

McKay was quick to find new creative projects to pursue. Filmmaker Michael Matteo Rossi has since announced the Twitter that McKay has been cast in his next film, The charisma killers. Rossi also says the project is slated to begin filming this fall, and he doesn’t seem to be more thrilled to involve McKay in its casting.


According to IMDb, The charisma killers will see McKay perform “Swinger Girl,” though Rossi didn’t release any additional information about her role. Also starring in the film, Vanessa Angel (weird science, Center pivot), Vernon Wells (barry), Adam Dunnells (The ringroad), Jordan James Smith (Living with role models), Chris Moss (Criminal minds), Hoyt Richards (Intersection), Mike Dargatis (gasoline alley), Jason Scott Jenkins (american horror story), Danny Arroyo (halfway house), and TJ Jackson (holiday friends).

There is not much information about The charisma killersbut there is an official filmmakers logline, which you can read below.

“When 7 Killers’ former mentor finds out he has terminal cancer, he gives them all the chance to prove themselves for a single night in revenge.”

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Jessica McKay could appear in many other films

According to her IMDb profile, Jessica McKay has lined up several other roles. She is part of the cast of prom night, a horror/drama film told from the perspective of many different characters. She is also part of the cast of the action-adventure film maverick alongside Scarlett Strasberg. These may just be the first roles in a long acting career, with McKay having left professional wrestling.

Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee starred as The IInspiration in Impact Wrestling before announcing their retirement in April. A statement released by the tag team suggested they were looking for new avenues to explore, with film work emerging as the path McKay would like to pursue. You can read their retirement statement below.

“We first want to thank Scott D’Amore and the entire IMPACT family. We’ve had an amazing experience working with the incredible staff and roster at IMPACT. We’ll treasure those IMPACT memories forever. We’re excited to start a new chapter in our lives and explore other opportunities that may come our way.

The charisma killers does not yet have a release date. Director, Michael Matteo Rossi is also known for directing the action thriller Hunt with Damien Puckler, Aries Spears and Jessica Morris. This film won Best Action Feature at the Hollywood Reel Film Festival and was released through Vertical Entertainment.