IANS Review: ‘Poo Sandi Varan’: A Brilliant Horror Film That Sends Chills Down Your Spine (IANS Rating: ****)

By Manigandan KR

Movie: ‘Poo Sandi Varan’ (Running in Theatres). Duration: 115 minutes.

Director: JR, Vicky. Cast: Mirchi Ramana, Tinesh Sarathi Krishnan, Logan Nathan, Ganesshan Manogaran, Hamsni Perumal and Vinod Mohana Sundaram.

IANS classification: ****

Director JR Vicky’s ‘Poo Sandi Varan’ is a brilliantly directed Tamil horror film that leaves you both shaken and in awe of the time it ends.

The film is special in more ways than one. Firstly, it is a Malaysian Tamil movie i.e. it was made by Tamils ​​residing in Malaysia. The film was shot entirely in Malaysia and features several Malaysian artists.

The narration is tense and the plot gripping. There are no song and dance sequences as one would normally expect in a Tamil film. The film depends only on the skill of its actors and the strength of its plot.

Although the film is predominantly Malaysian, the team seems to have made some changes to its format to allow audiences here to enjoy the film. For example, Malaysian Tamil films usually have no intermission. However, ‘Poo Sandi Varan’ has an intermission.


An Indian journalist by the name of Murugan (Ramana) writes for a Malaysian publication that is interested in events, artifacts, episodes or anything related to the supernatural. Sensing the possibility of a potential story, Murugan meets Shankar, a man who has had a chilling occult experience.

Shankar reveals that one night he and his friends Anbu (Logan Nathan), a physically disabled person, and Guru (Ganeshan Manoharan) decided to play a game called “Spirit of the Coin”. Not knowing much about the game, the three friends chose to play the game with an ancient coin chosen from Anbu’s coin collection.

They try to call the spirits and one of them responds. Initially, the conversation, which they have by means of a board with letters written on it, is pleasant and friendly. Eventually, the conversation begins to get serious, with each of them seeking to use the spirit to get ahead in life.

As Shankar asks the spirit to reveal the winning lottery ticket numbers for him to become a millionaire, Anbu wonders if the spirit can give him his legs back.

While men feel like they’re the ones trying to use the mind to get what they want in life, they don’t know that it’s actually the mind that drives them to do what they want. ‘he wants…

What happens then is what ‘Poo Sandi Varan’ is.

The film is gripping from the word ‘go’. There are no unnecessary distractions like comedy or songs. The pace at which the plot unfolds keeps you on the edge of your seat and has you biting your nails in anticipation.

Although the film is about spirits and exorcism, the story told is steeped in realism and history, making it easy for the audience to relate to the plot.

The film’s background music is just appropriate. No unnecessary noises, no high-pitched shrill voices or sudden sounds to induce fear. The story genuinely triggers fear and the background score only seeks to provide what is needed. Dustin Riduan Shah deserves a round of applause for this music.

Asalisham Bin Mohammad Ali’s camera work is also neat and professional. The lighting is about right.

Nothing in ‘Poo Sandi Varan’ is contrived or exaggerated.

It sounds like a story that could have happened in your home and that’s what sends shivers down your spine. Without a doubt, JR Vicky’s ‘Poo Sandi Varan’ is a must-see!

Source: IANS

IANS Review: 'Poo Sandi Varan': A Brilliant Horror Film That Sends Chills Down Your Spine (IANS Rating: ****)

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