Horror movie fans can count on Hope this Halloween – Agassiz Harrison Observer

Horror happened to Hope in a big way this Halloween.

The recently reopened Hope Cinema offers a full weekend of horror film classics, and Antlers has hit the big screen in other select theaters.

Antlers is a feature film that was shot in Hope in 2018 and stars Keri Russell. After much waiting, it hits theaters tonight (October 29).

Hope Cinema’s Halloween Film Festival is family-friendly, at least in part. They will feature Corpse Bride and Beetlejuice in the afternoon Friday, Saturday and Sunday before giving horror fans a boost.

The evening offerings for October 29 are The Nun (7 p.m.), Curse of La Llorona (9 p.m.) and Lights Out (10:45 p.m.).

On October 30, they will present The Lost Boys (5 p.m.), the original Nightmare on Elm Street (7 p.m.) and Exorcist, Uncut (9 p.m.).

And then on Halloween there’s a haunted house ride or treat at 3pm with free candy for the kids.

The evening shows are It (7 p.m.) and It Chapter 2 (9 p.m.).

All movies cost $ 10 each per person, while a full weekend pass costs $ 50.

Call 604-860-9403 or 604-860-9832 for more information.

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