Horror flick knocks blockbuster off theater charts

Like every Monday, today we revisit the charts of current American films. We’ve already done more in the past few weeks, so now’s the time to report it. There’s a new favorite that’s managed to push Spider-Man: Nobody into the US top 10.

This is the first change in the United States.

This is a horror thriller with a character named Bill Skarsgard (ES). The film made $10 million in its opening weekend. Not much on its own, but it was enough to earn the top spot at the US box office. Part of Brahmastra is Brahmastra – Shiva, which earned $4.4 million. The Spider-Man adventure mentioned at the beginning fell to tenth place and only managed to make it into the top 10.

Also new is the Lifemark drama with actor Jimmy Colton. He made a couple thousand dollars at two for opening weekend, enough for seventh place. MCU cracker Thor: Love & Thunder is, on the other hand, still out of the top 10 – it slipped a million dollars in the coffers. We also have an overview for you.

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There are upcoming movies in the future.

This week, several films will be released, despite the possibility of being in the top 10 at the American box office next week. The historical action drama The Woman King was produced by Viola Davis and John Boyega. Ti West’s horror film Pearl (Devil’s House) also landed in the high regions of the charts.

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