From the Director of ‘Sharknado’ – ‘Nix’ Monster Horror Movie Trailer

From the Director of ‘Sharknado’ – ‘Nix’ Monster Horror Movie Trailer

by Alex Billington
July 22, 2022
Source: Youtube

“We let our imagination take over us.” 1091 Pictures has revealed an official trailer for an indie horror creature feature titled Nothing, the latest from a genre filmmaker named Anthony C. Ferrante. It is the same director who directed the three Sharknado movies for Syfy Channel, but that’s not all he can do! Nothing is Ferrante’s first dramatic horror film since his 2005 hit boo. A family finds themselves on a dark and chilling journey into their own self-made madness when a mysterious entity manifests. It is described as “a modern horror film dealing with trauma and addiction and how a tragedy twenty years ago tears a family apart”. Indie Horror Film Stars James Zimbardi, Michel Pare, Skyler Caleb, Angie Teodora Dickand Dee Wallace. The gnarled lake creature isn’t that scary, just a man wearing latex prosthetics. But I like themes involving the question of whether they themselves manifested that horror.

Here is the first official trailer (+ poster) of Anthony C. Ferrante Nothingdirectly from YouTube:

Nothing Poster

Inspired by Germanic folklore, a tragedy on a mysterious lake continues to haunt a family years after the incident. As Jack Coyle (James Zimbardi) struggles to keep his broken family together, a strange and powerful entity once again reveals itself, opening the wounds for another tragedy to unfold. As Jack deals with the consequences, he must also protect his young niece from this fearsome creature that threatens to destroy everyone. Nothing is directed by a genre filmmaker Anthony C. Ferrantedirector of the Sharknado trilogy, plus movies boo, Headless Horsemanand Zombie Tidal Wave, and many other unwanted TV movies before. The screenplay is written by Skyler Caleb, Anthony C. Ferrante, Woodrow Wilson Hancock III and James Zimbardi. This hasn’t premiered at any festival or anywhere else as far as we know. 1091 Pictures will release Ferrante Nothing in select US theaters + on VOD from September 27, 2022 Later this year.

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