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Get ready to have a good time … the terrifying fun of SLAY, our festival of spooky short films made by horror lovers like YOU, returns October 22-31 streaming online AND at the Clinton Street Theater!

Earlier this year, we asked filmmakers to send in their homemade horror shorts (eight minutes or less) capturing everything that scares them the most, from classic ghost stories to slasher flicks to dystopian cults. and political nightmares. AND BOY, HAVE YOU DELIVERED! For the 2021 version of SLAY we have 18 scary, creepy and fun movies that will scare the shit straight up your pants!

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE for LIVE and in-person screenings at the Clinton Street Theater on Friday October 29 and Saturday October 30, and if you’d rather stay home and watch them online, we have FIVE opportunities to do so in October. 22-31, and you can GET LIVE TICKETS HERE!

Want a preview of what to expect from SLAY 2021? Then take a spare pair of underwear (just in case!) And read the descriptions and watch the New SLAY trailer below!

SLAY 2021 Trailer – PDX from Index Media on Vimeo.


A date with death
After a catastrophic date, Mary comes home alone … at least that’s what she thought! A loving tribute to the genus Giallo made during confinement.

A girl is obsessed with her cute appearance.

THE HOUSE OF MURDER by Edgar Allan Poe
It is as if there is EVIL in this house.

Jenn’s bedtime routine is interrupted by a noise in the closet. Is it his overactive imagination, or are his darkest fears heightened?

First meeting of the dead
Even when zombies roam the Earth, romance is not dead …

It’s a perfect summer day for paddleboarding, but this beach is not what it seems. There is something in the water and he wants what you have.

A man grapples with his smart home and the horrors of his past.

Mill Creek Choke
A woman obsessed with a local serial killer ends up meeting him one night as he shows up at her house to kill her.

The executioner
John wakes up in the middle of the night and struggles between what is real and what is not.

Houses aren’t the only things that can be haunted. This movie will make you think twice before you do some secondhand shopping.

It’s been 3 years since a mysterious killer murdered Kevin’s brother on Christmas Eve. This Halloween, Kevin faces a terrifying showdown when the Masked Madman returns, but this time he’s ready for him.

When a young man takes his girlfriend to the lake to apply, they are confronted with dark spirits beneath the surface.

The Midnight Jester
Jenny returns home from work when her night takes a terrifying turn with the arrival of a stranger, disguised as a jester.

The thing in the tub
Everything was an asset to Associate Professor Wilkins, until he brought back a lab sample … and left it in the tub.

The things we do for the kingdom
A priest is called to a house but discovers that all is not as it seems.

Parental reconstruction
A man attempts to reconstruct his deceased mother using body parts stolen from a being who once looked like a human, but who has been reduced to something much less.

Road waste
Alice can’t help but bury every dead animal she encounters. One day, she buries something she should never have touched and pays dearly for her act of kindness.

Support Portland mercury

Mysterious airborne pandemic causes mother and daughter to become fatally sensitive to sunlight.

If you think this sounds absolutely terrifying and fun, you are right! So don’t miss the enjoyable SLAY 2021, which arrives online and in theaters from October 22 to 31!


In person at the Clinton St. Theater 10/29 and 10/30

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