Chilling Trailer For A24’s New Horror Movie ‘Men’ Is Coming

How about those apples? No, seriously, what’s up with all the apples?

A24 seems to have edited the Weather Girls hit “It’s Raining Men”. It’s actually raining fruit in the trailer for their movie titled MenAlex Garland’s flamboyant new thriller and its hit puzzle sequel Ex-Machina and Annihilation.

Even the A24 logo has been redesigned with the autumn fruit. Harper (Jessie Buckley), possibly using an alias, travels to the English countryside after a personal tragedy. Hoping to reorganize her life after the suicide of her husband (Paapa Essiedu), she finds herself with more questions than answers.

His not-so-charming innkeeper, played by a creepy Rory Kinnear, doesn’t help. He continues to push her about her past life, pushing her over the edge as she explores his unearthly garden. Combining elements of both Ex-Machina (an unsettling, immaculate home away from home) and Annihilation (a spectral forest), Garland continues its specialty of providing an ominous taste of environmental nightmares.

In agreement with Ex-Machina, Men has a tight cast list, with only three main characters established so far. Oscar nominee Jessie Buckley adds chilling movies to her resume that already includes I’m thinking of ending things and The lost girlplaying opposite Jthe imitation gameis Rory Kinnear. I can destroy youPaapa Essiedu’s breakthrough stars as the falling man in the trailer, who is only seen in short bursts.

With Men, A24 expands its range of tense thrillers. In recent years, they’ve garnered a huge horror fanbase thanks to movies like Hereditary, The Vitch, Lighthouse, Midsommar, It comes at night, Lamband Sainte Maud. This year only they are ready to go out Men, Xand Body Body Body.

Garland is a frequent contributor to A24, with Men marking his third job with the company. After Menhe is already preparing for his fourth feature film: Civil warWho go star Kirsten Dunst.

Prepare to be terrified of Men when it hits theaters on May 20.