Click to enlarge PHOTO PROVIDED Junta Yamaguchi’s wacky but endearing film “Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes” closes the Anomaly 2021 film festival on Sunday, November 7th. “The miller of time has struck us!” A friend shouts. “We can see the future of the future! Another exclaims. This kind of genuinelyRead More →

The 23rd annual Maine Jewish Film Festival kick off Saturday. As always, this annual cinematic celebration takes on the meaning and evolution of Jewishness, while scheduling a week-long list of films that showcase different aspects of Jewish life around the world, in all its complexity. This is traditionally great newsRead More →

A movie can’t change anything, except when it does. It would be nice if every well-meaning movie about injustice, prejudice, or one of the myriad other terrible things in this world eliminated the problem, but it never happened. However, a truly inspiring film can certainly spur an individual into action,Read More →