It takes considerable comedic gifts to make a loathsome, pathetic character so mesmerizing that you can resist, even get sick pleasure, watching him dig himself in a hole for over 90 minutes. Jim Cummings, star, editor, producer, co-writer and co-director of “The Beta Test,” has those gifts. Jordan (Jim Cummings),Read More →

Click to enlarge PHOTO PROVIDED Junta Yamaguchi’s wacky but endearing film “Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes” closes the Anomaly 2021 film festival on Sunday, November 7th. “The miller of time has struck us!” A friend shouts. “We can see the future of the future! Another exclaims. This kind of genuinelyRead More →

The 23rd annual Maine Jewish Film Festival kick off Saturday. As always, this annual cinematic celebration takes on the meaning and evolution of Jewishness, while scheduling a week-long list of films that showcase different aspects of Jewish life around the world, in all its complexity. This is traditionally great newsRead More →

A movie can’t change anything, except when it does. It would be nice if every well-meaning movie about injustice, prejudice, or one of the myriad other terrible things in this world eliminated the problem, but it never happened. However, a truly inspiring film can certainly spur an individual into action,Read More →

Have you ever wondered what happens after death? These are the reflections of Aishah, 15, the protagonist of the first feature film by the theater company Anomalist Production titled Mentega Terbang. Shot during the pandemic in July of last year (when lockdown restrictions were relaxed), the film grapples with hard-hittingRead More →

Trailer Through Tom stockman | October 11, 2021 “A hilarious and heartfelt riff on Judgment Night that’s loaded with crazy combat action” – Film school rejections Gritty cinema becomes a fight to the death in Night shootersIndie Film Team Clash With Murderous Gang – Available in Digital HD and CableRead More →

INDIE FILM DRAMA “SKIPPING STONES” CO-STARS QUARTET DES FAVORITES DE SCI-FI / HORROR – Chase Masterson, Michael Ironside, Daniel Hugh Kelly and Patricia Charbonneau (WINDHAM resident) support emerging newcomers Nathaniel Ansbach and Gabrielle Kalomiris – HUDSON – The upcoming independent Skipping Stones isn’t a sci-fi film, but it features aRead More →

Events Before, During, and After a High School Basketball Game is a mumblecore, dialogue-rich movie about nerds and weirdos that viewers could likely choose from their own high school yearbooks. Kino Sum Productions Plan your screen time with the weekly What to Watch newsletter. Register now today. Events that takeRead More →

The Yiddish word naches conveys the idea of ​​pride, specifically connoting the unique joy a parent feels over the accomplishments of their offspring. As in “I ran into Maurice and Doris Micklin at the market!” They said their daughter, the director, had just finished her first film. It’s a lotRead More →

When you prepare to interview the director of a movie called “Coronavirus Conspiracy”, I have to be honest, you are preparing for the worst. Thankfully, director and Maine native James Sunshine’s movie (now available to rent or purchase on your favorite streaming service) isn’t the kook-fest I imagined. Instead, theRead More →

The Sundance Institute, host of the annual Sundance Film Festival, is today named a Veteran and Independent Media Producer (Awake, Capernaum) Joana Vicente her new CEO. According to the email announcement from Sundance President Pat Mitchell: “Joana comes to Sundance as a true champion in discovering, incubating and nurturing independentRead More →

Tthe independent feature film river path premieres Friday night at the Woodward Theater in Over-the-Rhine, distributed by Cincinnati-based Four by three productions. This will be the first showing of a limited theatrical release for the film, which stars Cody Kearsley from the hit television series Riverdale. Cody Kearsley (right) andRead More →

JK Simmons has joined the cast of Sheridan O’Donnell’s first feature drama, “Little Brother,” Exclusive Learned. The protagonists previously announced are Daniel Diemer (“The Half of It”) and Philip Ettinger (“The Evening Hour”). The film follows Jake and Pete Duffy (Diemer and Ettinger, respectively), who embark on a road tripRead More →

JK Simmons has joined the cast of Sheridan O’Donnell’s first feature drama, “Little Brother,” exclusively learned from TheWrap. The protagonists previously announced are Daniel Diemer (“The Half of It”) and Philip Ettinger (“The Evening Hour”). The film follows Jake and Pete Duffy (Diemer and Ettinger, respectively), who embark on aRead More →

The Franklin International Indie Film Festival (FIIFF) will be celebrating its fifth year at The Factory at Franklin’s Mockingbird Theater from Tuesday, November 9 to Sunday, November 14. FIIFF Director and Executive Director Nancy “Nan” Puetz travels abroad and participates in some of the biggest film festivals in the world.Read More →

A dream-eating Japanese elephant-like creature called baku, right, is one of the mythical creatures in “Cryptozoo”. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures “Utopias never work.” The visually stunning new animated film “Cryptozoo”, Which opened nationwide and on demand on Friday, (including for a weekend run to the recently reopened for in-personRead More →

Keith David, Justin Etheredge Reflect On Life In Indie Movie “Good” Trailer by Alex Billington July 29, 2021Source: Youtube “There is always something in this life that you haven’t done.” Gravitas Ventures has unveiled an official trailer for an indie drama titled Good, the second feature film directed by up-and-comingRead More →

“The Catch” is one of many films made in Maine shown at the Maine International Film Festival. Photo courtesy of MIFF Currently in full screening of a carefully curated selection of the best films in the world, until Sunday, the venerable Maine International Film Festival is officially back. Of course,Read More →

Acclaimed Polish director and President of the European Film Academy, Agnieszka Holland, has expressed growing fear in the world of independent cinema: that global streamers could kill theatrical cinema. Speaking via video link at a Cannes Film Market panel on Thursday, Holland called streaming platforms a “great unorganized black holeRead More →