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Just in time for Halloween is coming A Night of Horror International Film Festival, Australia’s premier horror film showcase. Now in his 13e year – how worrying! – their scary movies have come online, which means horror fans across the country can watch all of the best and most gruesome gruesome movies from the comfort of their own inner sanctum.

From October 18 to 31 (yes, it’s definitely more than one night), this year’s schedule features 13 (that’s still that number) Australian and international premieres. Australian horror comedy My cherry pie is the opening night sleight of hand from the Addison Heath and Jasmine Jakupi management team. A deliberately OTT homage to the ’80s VHS era, the film features three criminals on the loose (Sotiris Tzelios, Dylan Heath and Tim Jason Wicks) who come up against a serial killer in the back quarters of Victoria’s countryside. , with all the courage and gore that suggests.

Cross-cultural horror The destabilizing comes to us from Anglo-Ghanaian writer and director Harry Owens. It tells the story of a Ghanaian couple in Los Angeles (Zephani Idoko and Bambadjan Bamba) who find themselves attacked by a malicious and invisible presence. It draws on West African cultural traditions and folklore to present a new vein of horror to many Western audiences.

The debut feature from actor and director Keene McRae, A bullet in the dark is a disturbing neo-noir who unearths secrets from the past and brings them to light, as a serial killer takes on a small island town. The pandemic makes its mark with Red River Route, which came to life after filmmaker Paul Schuyler’s planned production ceased, forcing him to play his own wife and children in this forced story of a family of four trying to avoid a malignant virus that spreads through to technology and destroys the ability of its victims to perceive reality. Austrian cinema Masking threshold is a similar bedroom piece, as an anonymous man in his home lab (star and director Johannes Grenzfurthner) attempts to cure his debilitating hearing loss, only to have his experiences lead him down a dark and horrific path. Whoever hears Fly buzz in your ear here?

Carlo Ledesma, former student of the festival, delivers the horror of a call center Sunod (tracking), located in his Filipino homeland. The sub-genre of the images found is broadcast with Day of disappearance, which recounts the disappearance of a YouTuber via clips from his popular channel. Director Ian Grant created a slow-burning mystery that drew comparisons with The Blair Witch Project. Fans of the classics can find their happiness with The turn of the screw, a new adaptation of Henry James’ beloved ghost story. A minimalist, metatextual take on the material, Greer Philips plays an actor in the lead role of a stage adaptation of James’ story, only to discover that the theater the troupe rehearses in is haunted.

The paranormal investigative thriller is also on the program. Den, chilean haunted house movie The Casa, German satire of crazy millennials Struwwelerror, and Austrian reality show / folk horror mashup Memory. You will also be able to discover three series of short films for those who prefer their horror in bite-size. Additionally, for emerging horror writers, Wyrmwood: the road of the dead and Nekrotronic director Kiah Roache-Turner will host Squibs, screams and monsters, a live workshop on the joys of DIY horror cinema.

Tickets are $ 12.00 per movie, with Squibs, screams and monsters goes for $ 20.00 – that’s a terrifically good price for any scares you could want this Halloween season.

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