Actor Roger Dorman talks about staring in horror film “Karen” and the digital age

Roger Dorman. Photo credit: Mitch Rose – Roses Reelz

Actor Roger Dorman spoke with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about his role in the horror film “Karen” and being an actor in the digital age.

While playing in ‘Karen’, he said, “I was faced with a lot of emotions playing in ‘Karen’. I was both humbled and excited to be a part of such a movie where I was could play a character so different from who I am as a person. As actors, we always love the challenge to push ourselves emotionally and professionally. However, I was very nervous and intimidated by what I might be up to. confronted by playing the role of a brutal and racist cop who thought he was above the law in taking this law into his own hands.

“I didn’t know how far I could or should go in the film. Fortunately, I received so much support and acceptance from the film’s main cast, Taryn Manning and Cory Hardrick. They helped me tell me how far I should or could go. Everyone was so nice and helpful, despite what it might look like on camera whenever my character appeared in the movie interacting with them, ”he said.

He played the role of Officer Mike Wind. “I enjoyed the challenge of fighting to find this brutal Officer Mike Wind character the most. He had a temper, crossed the line too often as a cop, and was racist. This character was so different from who I am that I found it exhilarating to work with my acting trainer to find the emotional obligations necessary to deliver a performance that genuinely matched those qualities, ”he said.

“I was able to pull them from different experiences in my life that matched the necessary emotions that had nothing to do with racism or anger towards anything in the film. As a method actor, I always try to reach lines and scenes with the requisite emotional obligations. It took me over four months and hundreds of hours of working on Skype with my acting coach to bring out the performance I delivered. I’m happy to have the role of Officer Mike Wind behind me, ”he said.

He talked about his lifetime movie “Cheer for Your Life”. “This film is a teenage drama thriller that follows a group of high school cheerleaders who go through a humiliating ‘cheerleader initiation week.’ Yet things get worse when one of the cheerleaders is found dead. When another goes missing, things get crazy. It’s a pretty intense teen movie that has quite a twist at the end, “he said.

“I play the role of the investigating cop (Officer Hansen) whose patience begins to run out when he feels the girls aren’t quite being honest with him about what’s going on. His frustration reaches a boiling point when he realizes that they are intentionally withholding critical information from him that would help him protect them all from themselves. Not to mention helping save other cheerleaders from similar dire consequences, ”he explained.

As an actor in the digital age, he said,With all of the restrictions and fears surrounding Covid over the past couple of years, I have been disappointed with my own ‘gain’ expected to have films showing in theaters. I must admit; it’s a bit strange.

“There are probably more people watching our movies from their homes and on their various devices than before in theaters, simply because of the convenience and ease of access. It’s just a little different. With all of the above, I think it’s probably a paradigm shift. Streamers and various forms of social media are here to grow, evolve and stay, not to disappear, ”he said.

For aspiring young actors, he said, “If you decide to become an actor, work your ass to learn the craft. – Anything worth doing is worth doing well. When you have the chance, deliver consistently. Be the person on the set who is exceptionally reliable and strong through your preparation and preparation. No one wants to keep an actor or deal with an unprepared actor on set. ”

“All producers and directors and actors want to work with the ones they know they can count on and deliver over and over again. It’s an ebb and flow between the actors on set, and you can’t do it if you you are not ready, ”he added.

“It’s amazing to find yourself in a scene where things are flowing, and one actor feeds off another back and forth. Such experiences create lifelong bonds between actors, directors and producers. Impressions are never overlooked when they happen and people talk. You will be supported, referred and guided by the best in the business if you can break it like that, ”he said.

About his dream actor partners, he replied, “Well, I’ve worked with some amazing actors. I am very grateful to have worked with Aaron Eckhart, Taryn Manning, Raymond Cruz and Cory Hardrict. Still, if I had to have my wish, I would love to work with Matthew McConaughey. He’s incredibly touching and rich in everything he does. I think I would learn a lot by working with him. He would bring so much to me that I could hopefully give it back to him, the film, and the audience. “

“Other actors that I admire and would love to work with are Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Christian Bale, Denzel Washington and Matt Damon, to name a few. I would love to work with Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence, among the actresses. It would all be amazing and so intimidating to work with, ”he said.

“Nonetheless, I would love to have the chance to take the opportunity and do what I always do in my life. Work exceptionally hard, prepare yourself and courageously face the emotional obligations necessary to deliver a strong, genuine and sincere performance, ”he added.

On his definition of success, he said, “For me, success is a process. It is the daily effort made to become better and to cope with what is needed at that particular time. We can only live in the present. When I do that, usually good things come out of it. I have never been hurt by being too ready and prepared. Any result is only created by the little efforts of the moment that add up over time, and ultimately something positive in the end.

He remarked of “Karen”, “It’s a film that tackles head-on dark and disappointing issues that are realities in our society. These being racism, police brutality and intrusive moments of” Karen “in your company. Some may dismiss the story because it is uncomfortable to talk about and it is almost too relevant. Others can no doubt poke fun at Karen and her strange behavior. But, if you can understand that being “too fair” IS “the point” of the story being told, then you are in a great place to see it.

“It deals with brutal racism which is uncomfortable to see and police brutality which is difficult to watch, but these things are happening in our society. I hope the film will start a new discussion around these topics which can be productive, not harmful, for our country and the world, ”he concluded.

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