A car ride turns dark in horror film The Passenger [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant has an exclusive clip from the new Spanish-language horror movie The Passenger, about a group of strangers whose car ride goes awry.

Screen Rant has the honor to present an exclusive preview of the upcoming horror film The passenger, which hits theaters on June 3 and will be available on demand and on DVD on June 28. night. Normally, playing the Good Samaritan would bring similar karma, but when this group decides to help her, they quickly learn that they would have been better off leaving her behind.

The passengerknown in Spanish as the pasajera, had its world premiere at the 2021 Sitges Film Festival. It was nominated for the Audience Award at that festival, and soon after made the rounds for Panic! Fest and Seattle International Film Festival. The Spanish horror film stars Ramiro Blas (Fugue), Cecilia Suarez (Netflix’s The house of flowers), Paula Gallego (Cuentam) and Cristina Alcázar (cachorro).


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In Screen RantIn the exclusive clip, one of the backseat occupants realizes that her phone has received a signal again and decides to call for medical help to treat their injured passenger. Unfortunately, the creature that accompanies them has other plans and attacks him in a grotesque sequence. She struggles to peel off nearby skin to throw it on the windshield and get the driver’s attention. Check out the clip from The passenger below:

(Watch the video on YouTube.)

As shown in the clip above, The passenger is almost surreal in nature, and the mysteries unfolding amidst the horrors will force audiences to be extra careful and not let the malevolent force out of their sight even when things get scary.

The passenger marks the feature debut of co-director Raúl Cerezo, who was also the story’s original writer. Fernando González Gomez (zombie world 2) was the other director, who brought his creature feature experience to the fold. The screenplay was first developed by Asier Guerricaechevarría and Javier Echániz, before being completed by Luis Sánchez Polack. The horror film was shot in an impressive 29 days, not including additional days of visual effects photography.

The art of the passenger key

The passenger is a collaboration between Dark Star Pictures and Bloody Disgusting, a partnership that has already spawned films such as the critically acclaimed Honeydewthe intense and bloody slasher The last morningand the horror impossible to look away Dementia: Part II. Based on its pedigree, the next film from this collaboration is sure to be another wild ride for diehard horror fans everywhere.

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The passenger hits theaters on June 3 before being available on demand and on DVD on June 28.

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