Payment on the Revolving Credit? Care!


Revolving credit is the apple of the eyes of most Brazilians –


Revolving credit is the apple of the eyes of most Brazilians -




Am I saying something silly? For money when you have a credit card, this would be true if all invoices were paid within the established time frame (40 days). Going to the mall and seeing all those offers that make the eyes shine and the heart throb, makes consumers more excited to open the wallet to see if it has or has not brought the most used plastic of all time.

Allied to the credit card is the human desire to consume, to acquire something, to have what everyone wants. All this would be great if the cardholder were able to afford the cost of paying the bill, but far from that, most would even have the option that makes bankers and managers laugh a lot.

Everyone already knows that this credit alternative should be used with great caution, but the impression it gives is that the absolute majority forgets that the expenses made on the credit card will inevitably be incorporated into the monthly costs and fatally deducted from the rent or salary.

Keeping track of the use of the card, according to her, is the best way to avoid one of the major card-paying villains, the revolving payout. “Get away from the rotary, that’s Protest’s orientation. The consumer who uses this resource will probably become defaulted, “he says.

Due to lack of financial education, the payment in the revolving credit is seen as a credit alternative by the user and common consumer, this is sure to bring problems for the holding of the plastic (card).

How does payroll credit work?

How does payroll credit work?


The payment on the rotary is the possibility given by the credit card of the consumer to pay only the minimum monthly invoice and leave the rest of the balance and the interest falls on the next invoice. We can not forget that this possibility is extremely damaging to your pocket.

The interest rate charged on the revolving credit ranges from 90% to 700% a year, in fact we’re being very fair with that account. The card occupies the first place in the ranking of the most expensive rates practiced in the financial market.

If you are stuck in this credit alternative, one of the few exits is to even use extra cash to clear the invoice in full. Extra holiday money, thirteenth or profit sharing can help you save thousands of dollars at the end of the day. Parceling the invoice amount can even minimize the damage, but it does not rid you of the excess interest.

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